In their astonishing debut album SPINNING NORTH, the blue-skied voices of The Tano Jones Revelry serves up a tonic filled with melodies as if they were a side shot of love-infused whiskey to get us through the darker days.

Deploying resounding echoes of connection and love, perseverance, and faith, with an unparalleled intent—SPINNING NORTH transcends the universal complexities of our shared human experiences into a lyrical compass that navigates us through the challenges, toward the possibilities of a newer brighter day.

Like a memoir of a soul-laden journey, Tano’s musical strokes highlight the strength of resiliency and divine potential in every living being. Paying tribute to the multi-dimensional object of love, we get a tale of dusky-glow lovers talking all night in “Daisy,” while another facet of love light in “Days Like This” shows us a swoon-worthy explosion of deeply-resonating, spine-tingling feelings about the power of forgiveness and second chances—even when from the dust, of broken trust.

But ultimately, what one may find, at the heart of SPINNING NORTH’S whirlwind of hooks and rhythms, is the innate ability we all have to return home to ourselves and each other, and thrive, in a mad, mad world.